At some point, you might find your website not working after the latest changes made or for no apparent reason. If you can’t get to your website there are a few things you can do to check and possibly correct the problem yourself.

Step 1: Check if your site is really down

Firstly ensure that your website / server is down and not just showing an error. If your website is down you should see a message such as:

Server connection timed out / The connection was reset.  /  Server Not Found, Website Unavailable

If you see any other error message apart from the ones above please search our Knowledgebase for the exact error message that you see.

Step 2: Check if your IP is blocked.

Visit this link and enter your URL and see if the website loads, if it does then chances are that your IP has been blocked in the server firewall. If it has, you can unblock it from your client area / Backyard.

Step 3: Check if we are having an network / server issue

If your website does not load via the above proxy URL, take a look at our Status PageTwitter and Facebook pages to check if there is an incident that we are aware of and working on.

If you’ve exhausted the above steps and still believe your site is offline as the result of an issue on our server, please open a support request and weill be happy to assist you.

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