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If your public IP address has been blocked in the server firewall you will unable to access any of your sites, cPane, WHM or Webmail hosted on the specific server. For Managed VPS and Dedicated Customers, please log in a support ticket with our technical support department to get the block cleared.

If you are a Shared, Semi-Dedicated or Reseller Hosting customer you can do this yourself from your Backyard  / Client Area with us.

Step 1: Login to your Backyard / Client Portal

Step 2: Navigate to Support > Unblock IP


Step 3: By default, the form will automatically pre-fill your current public IP address, if this is the IP you want to unblock simply go ahead and click the “Check for IP Block & Remove Button”. If you are trying to unblock your client’s IP or some other IP address, you may change the IP address in the field and click the same button.



This doesn’t work. Mainly because the new system doesn’t have this option. I was hoping to see how the new system worked to unblock IP addresses, but this was useless.

Hi Kevin,

We understand that this may have been an inconvenience for you but we will be adding this feature back to the new portal shortly. The supporting components need to be bought up to date with the latest version of PHP and ioncube to add this back.

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