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Log into phpMyAdmin

Login to your cPanel and look for an icon called PHPMyAdmin and click on it. If you are not using cPanel, please contact your hosting provider on how to do this.



Click the database you are working with in the left menu

Here, we want to export the database “pranatip_wp143”, so we selected it from the left menu.



Click Export in the top menu



In the next screen select the format and the export method. Quick works in most cases and we will stick to that for the format since this is a pretty small database we will use SQL. If you’re working with a larger database you should go with a compressed format such as zip or gzip. This is available only in the Advanced mode.


Click Go

You will be prompted to either open or save the file. Please select the option to save the file and then save the somewhere you’ll remember (such as directly on your desktop).

Congratulations, you have just exported a copy of your database!

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