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How do I cancel my service?

We are sorry to see that you are looking to cancel your services with us. If there is anything that we can do to retain you as a client, please let us know. We are an extremely flexible company with a massive focus on customer satisfaction and want to ensure that we meet your expectations. […]

Does Host4Geeks offer refunds?

No, due to the intangible nature of our web hosting services, Host4Geeks does not offer any refunds on any of its services unless otherwise specifically stated in your service agreement with us. All services rendered by Host4Geeks are purely on a non-refundable basis.

How do I complete the Credit Card Authorization form?

If you have received an email or ticket from or billing and accounting team, requesting you to complete the Credit Card Authorization Form, please take a look at the video below for instructions on how to complete this process.

How can I see my available credits and use them?

Your credit balance is visible to you on the My Invoices page in your client portal. To access the “My Invoices” page, log in to your client portal and select Billing > My Invoices from the navigation bar. On the right sidebar, you will see your available credit balance. You can use your credit to […]

How to get help when you need it?

If you are facing an issue with your Host4Geeks hosting account sometimes you can feel lost, do not worry we are always available 24×7 to help you. When contacting our technical support team it is beneficial to make sure you have some basic information readily available as well as understanding the methods of contacting our support […]

How to unblock my IP from the Firewall?

If your public IP address has been blocked in the server firewall you will unable to access any of your sites, cPane, WHM or Webmail hosted on the specific server. For Managed VPS and Dedicated Customers, please log in a support ticket with our technical support department to get the block cleared. If you are […]

How to enable Two Factor Authentication for Client Area?

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security by adding a second step to your login. It takes something you know (i.e. your password) and adds a second factor, typically something you have (such as your phone.) Since both are required to log in, even if an attacker has your password they can’t access your […]