Does Host4Geeks charge VAT?

What is VAT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax on consumption within the European Union (EU).

A VAT is not included in prices displayed on Host4Geeks’ website due to varying rates between EU member states. The VAT is itemized on each invoice for EU clients.

Who is charged VAT?

Since we are a non-EU supplier of electronic services to customers in the EU, Host4Geeks is required to charge VAT to customers located in the EU. That is, anyone with a street address on account here which is located in an EU member state will be charged VAT. The VAT will be charged based on the EU Member State in which you reside per the new rules for 2015.

Business or Charity customers in the EU will not be charged VAT provided that they submit a valid VAT registration number to us. Read more about submitting a VAT number here.

I have a VAT number. How do I submit it?

Please see this article.

Is VAT included in Host4Geeks prices?

A VAT is not included in the prices listed on our website. The VAT is added at checkout after the customer has had an opportunity to submit his or her VAT ID.

What is Host4Geeks’ VAT number?

Our VAT ID is EU826459956. The “EU” prefix indicates that we are a non-EU supplier of electronic services. We are registered through the mini one-stop-shop (MOSS) scheme with HMRC in the UK. Our VAT number will be listed on each invoice.

You’re a US company. Why are you charging VAT?

As mentioned above, non-EU suppliers of electronic services to EU customers are required to charge VAT to those customers. Although we are not under the direct jurisdiction of the EU, our presence in the UK in part obligates us to comply.

Where is VAT listed on my invoice?

The VAT will be itemized on invoices.

What are the current VAT rates?

Please see this article.

How do I submit a VAT ID?

There are two ways to submit your VAT registration number.

Providing your VAT ID when ordering:

After adding an item to your cart and proceeding to the Checkout screen, you will see a field called “VAT / TAX ID”.

Providing your VAT ID after ordering:

Log into the Client Area, click “Hello, <name>!”, and click “Edit Account Details” you will see a field called “VAT / TAX ID”.

What are the current tax rates?

The current EU VAT rates are as follows:


Tax Rate

European Union (VAT)
United Kingdom GB 20.00%
Sweden SE 25.00%
Germany DE 19.00%
Latvia LV 21.00%
Luxembourg LU 15.00%
Lithuania LT 21.00%
France FR 20.00%
Malta MT 18.00%
Netherlands NL 21.00%
Poland PL 23.00%
Portugal PT 23.00%
Romania RO 24.00%
Slovakia SK 20.00%
Slovenia SI 22.00%
Spain ES 21.00%
Italy IT 22.00%
Ireland IE 23.00%
Hungary HU 27.00%
Austria AT 20.00%
Belgium BE 21.00%
Bulgaria BG 20.00%
Cyprus CY 19.00%
Czech Republic CZ 21.00%
Denmark DK 25.00%
Estonia EE 20.00%
Finland FI 24.00%
Greece GR 23.00%
Croatia HR 25.00%

When is my invoice due and what is your billing policy?

Your invoice is generated 14 days before the renewal date and is due on the date of renewal. Once the invoice is generated an email is sent to your email address in records with us. Subsequently, another email reminding you to make your payment is sent a day before the invoice is due.

If the invoice is not paid on the due date, it becomes overdue. Once an invoice is overdue a late fee of 10% on the amount of the invoice is charged on the invoice with a minimum of $2.

If your invoice is not paid 5 days past the due date, your account and services are automatically suspended. Further, if the invoice remains unpaid 10 days past the due date, your services are terminated.

At any moment, paying your invoice automatically unsuspends your account. * not applicable on dedicated servers

Are your unlimted plans truly unlimited?

This is a question that is often asked by both existing and future customers. The simple answer to this is yes, you won’t have to worry about your disk space or bandwidth usage with Host4Geeks so you can focus on doing what you do best – building and operating your website and business. “Unlimited” does not mean infinite – it just means no arbitrary limit.

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth ensures that you will not run out of disk space or bandwidth during the normal course of operation for a website.

However, there still are other aspects that you will need to consider and keep in mind. If your sites use an excessive amount of CPU, RAM or Disk I/O we will reach out to you and ask you to upgrade to a platform that is more suited for your website such as a VPS. While we don’t like having to ask our customers to upgrade – keep in mind how you would feel if the performance of your site was degraded due to other users you have no control over. We don’t want your sites to suffer as a result of others and we don’t want others to suffer as a result of your sites.

These limits are to protect the server as a whole as well as you from other customers and vice versa.

In order to keep abusers and users with malicious intents away from our platform, there are certain use cases that we do not permit on our unlimited hosting plans, where the primary function is to use disk space or bandwidth. A few examples are:

  • File Upload / Sharing / Backup / Mirroring / Distribution / Archive sites.
  • Sharing your account resources whether for free or for pay.
  • Image Dumps / File Dumps.
  • Storing copyrighted material of which you are not the owner.
  • Storing content or media that is not related to an active website.

This policy is primarily aimed at those that wish to sign up with the intent to use as much storage as possible by backing up their computers, their other hosting accounts, storing their music or video collections, etc. all of which are not permitted.

Till date, we have never had to suspend a user due to disk space or bandwidth over-usage. Most of our customers have never had major issues with the limits we have put in place, however, those that have generally were lacking optimization of their sites or were simply trying to run a site on shared hosting that needs more power such as a VPS. While we are not limiting your total disk usage or bandwidth you are still on a shared server and must share server resources. This policy helps ensure we provide a fair service to all of our customers.